Launch date is near!

Spellbind development is over and we are now running the final tests searching for hidden bugs. We intend to submit Spellbind on Apple store for review during this week. Marketing seems to be the most difficult part mainly because of our lack of experience and appropriate background. But it is a very interesting process and I believe we will be able to share our experiences combined with specific sales figures sometime in the near future. We already have started some promotion pre-launch activities including the submission of Spellbind to PreApps , an online Spellbind landing page  and a new Spellbind video available on youtube. We hope you enjoy it. All comments and feedback are welcome!

We had a lot of discussion regarding the price and the business model of Spellbind. Spellbind is an adventure game, so it seemed very difficult for us to design an inapp purchases model without affecting the flow of the game (actually we don’t know how to apply it to an adventure game), so we rejected the idea from the very beginning. Mobile ads is an alternative model but we don’t know exactly how it works and we certainly don’t want to experiment with a game we have spend 1.5 year in its development. On the other hand, we think that it is fair enough to charge $1.99 for more than two hours of gameplay. For an indie studio to be able to survive and ship new games, some sort of income (even low) is always necessary. Anyway, this is only our opinion and all our choices will be evaluated by the final outcome.
If you run a blog or are a game journalist and you are interested to preview, review or simply mention Spellbind, contact with us via Facebook or Twitter.
Stay tuned, Spellbind launch is near ..

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