As a matter of principle, under First Name and Surname I always enter Kleanthis and Karapiperis, respectively, while when the above name appears as the sender of correspondence, under the address it invariably reads Thessaloniki, Greece. On a different note, music is my aeroplane and video is my… helicopter. If I had to be more specific, I would first point at over 15 years of recording and playing gigs with Scab Level.  Then, from a professional perspective, the dawn of the new century coincided with my entrance in the family of sound engineers. On top of that, 8 years ago I got hooked on realtime visual performance, first mainly as a hobby, but later I worked with various bands, and I was resident VJ at Liebe, a club in my hometown. I have also done video mapping setups for theatres and video installations. My most recent trajectory stretches towards noise machines, a path I followed to curb monotony, but it’s eventually become part of my everyday routine. I mainly tinker with toys and I sometimes use the bent instruments in my music. I’m also perfectly willing to spread my disease. For this reason, in May 2011, I set up a circuit bending workshop for which I received really positive feedback, especially by the 20 participants who couldn’t believe their luck as they walked away holding their brand new sound generators.


Feel free to say or ask anything!!You can e-mail me at : k.aubergine@gmail.com

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