ADYKT compilation by DYADIK

So glad to be part of this great compilation with my track “Sung”

Compiled by Martin Boulton,Mastered by exm
Designed by Grid Pattern


Detect1ve video up on Youtube

Found in lost archives.An attempt to visualize my track “Detect1ve”.This track has been previously released on “Dandy EP” by Numb Capsule Records in a Limited Edition CD (Sold Out) and digital. It will be available in physical form for the last time on the album “// folder/games” in a limited amount of 40 CDs.Release Date: July 20,2020. Get it here: https://auberg1ne.bandcamp.com/

“//folder/games” available for pre-order on Friday 3/7

“//folder/games” is a release that combines tracks I created for indie video games back in 2014 and 2015. It contains 16 remastered tracks (up to an hour) of ambient/electronic/cinematic music. It will be available for pre-order on Friday 03/07 via Bandcamp in a limited amount of 40 CDs packaged with love, for you! Stay tuned!

Australian Bushfire Compilation Part Two

The Australian Bushfire Compilation Part Two has just been released on Touched Music including my track “Hoppyx”

This stunning, diverse compilation consists of 37 tracks of electronic music curated by Roel Funcken. Contributions include PlaidDrøn / SignalformJames Bernard MusicEric TaylorMick ChillageRadek RudnickiRodrigo PassannantiRuxpinSofus ForsbergsubjexAlessio DuttoAUBERG1NEBen MilsteinBersarin Quartettc.h.districtCaramel ChameleonInner Vision LaboratoryLaugeNaudibleSemiomimeStrugatsky brotherstapageThe Green KingdomTineidaetranslucent pulse and many more.

Like Part One, this is a charity release and all proceeds will be donated to the Koala Habitat Fund NSW, to help the Koalas and other vulnerable wildlife affected by the catastrophic fires of the Australian Black Summer (September 2019 – February 2020). This is a great cause, so please support this release if you can. Thank you