Spellbind is looking for game testers

The playable prologue of the game is ready and we get to test it before the other parts of the game are completed. First testing phase will be on iOS mainly due to the existence of TestFlight. TestFlight is an online service which greatly simplifies iOS testing and makes it easy for a developer to have more than one tester. We have tried it, we think it is rather good, so we move on to using it. Before long, we will also test the game in Android, but let’s try iOS for starters.

So we are looking for testers. We already have some friends in mind but that doesn’t mean we do not wish to have more. If you would like to help us and you are an iPhone or iPad owner, if you like adventure games and have some time to spend on playtesting Spellbind, please feel free to contact us at spiderkeygames@gmail.com. This is only the beginning of the game, more parts of it will follow and you will have the chance to test them all individually and as a whole. We will be very happy to hearing from you.


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